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Sonicare Toothbrush Heads System to  help dental offices implement a more  streamline electronic process and their  front office systems and his passionate and teaching Sonicare Toothbrush Heads.

Oh my god that I I thought that’s just the way it was what problems are dentists having that they call you and  how much they how does it work that you fix that what are you doing for people.

Well basically when they call me it’s  usually because they’re having a problem with their cash flow which is a big thing when it comes to insurance and if they don’t have someone within the  office that actually .

Handles the insurance for them to stay on top of it that can get back to which affects your cash flow so when they contact me they really contact me because they really  don’t know enough about it so.

They contact me and obviously ask me a lot of questions you know how to implement that and what they have to do to achieve that I have two doctors that I actually do their insurance for them I  have clients that.

I work remotely for them handling their insurance I’ve been doing that years for him so of that system is pretty efficient that he has so I would say of his payments are electronic payments so when you look at your end.

Of  day report it’s gonna be mostly electronic payments which basically means it’s that that’s already in your bank account so when.

I’m afraid when you tell people when you say that people are calling you because their cash flow explain what you mean by cash flow what  would it would be normal cash flow.

What would be abnormal cash flow well their abnormal cash flow with when they have a lot of outstanding claims and they have it over the day range.

That’s a very abnormal I’m talking large money in their -day range that’s a poor cash  flow well what would should be over well what should be over over over baby what do you like to see zero write anything or anything typically.

What I try to do is to achieve it where it’s only in your current date range so depends on how large the practices if you did a hundred thousand  a month what if you if your dental office produced a hundred thousand bucks.