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renaissance dental grew up during that fluoridated time in Calgary and fortunately they’re from a wealthy oil patch family and these two kids had  renaissance dental water chloro sis and it cost them over , per child to fix that fluoroscopic damage so even if you did save one cavity in a lifetime and that’s.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

What hundred two hundred dollars to fix it a dentist but you got prosthesis than thirty percent of those kids that needs tens of thousands of dollars of repair just so you know not only is there consequences to the to the teeth but we’re also talking about systemic consequences to turn it so cosmetic and you know problems .

That need to be fixed with the teeth but then we’ve got the systemic problems they mentioned the thyroid the kidneys I think it’s huge that the kidney foundation is withdrawing their support and the Alzheimer’s Association just this last year withdrew .

Their support dates to say that that’s really interesting new studies coming out Alzheimer disease is it’s not caused by florid notes or the accessory answer we don’t know how much because they don’t do the studies very seldom ADD is exacerbated or enhanced.

With fluoride and probably autism too I mean there’s all kinds of things in the spectrum that are enhanced or or harmed or yeah increased or whatever right well if it’s crossing the blood-brain barrier and I know that a lot of people you know that.

I connect with um kids health revolution and have kids with neurological conditions and so you know we talk a lot about the blood-brain barrier and you know when the blood-brain barrier becomes a little bit leaky so for these kids it’s even worse exactly right the ribs can be flooded with this stuff causing all kinds of inflammation and problems and the