10 Facts About Dental Insurance Maine

Crustacean without interference so that’s a wonderful service forĀ Dental Insurance Maine and all taking place in three months so the smaller or shorter or mild the condition the opportunity is greater to save more time as we get to more of the severe cases .

Dental Insurance Maine
Dental Insurance Maine


We’ll show you how we end up at more of a % reduction in time Dental Insurance Maine versus this this is taking out a good two thirds of treatment here again dr. Thomas Shirley in another case with some you know class one malocclusion some crowding of the lower anterior.

Teeth a little bit of the upper and an expected treatment time to get this case completely resolved would be about months maybe to months realistically and here you have again a case that’s utilizing one micro SD or perforation application at.

The beginning of treatment and followed by six months in Invisalign so certainly a reduction of greater than % of the treatment time to deliver a change that’ll get this patient here and so now you have a beautiful overbite overjet looks like a canine protective occlusion posterior in turkish patient.

Without interference and of course everything’s leveled in the lines yeah you have a fantastic result bound to have a happy patient and a comfortable patient having a nice arch formed and i start with and all of these good credentials that you’d like to see in a shorter amount of treatment time another case.

That involves only one application of the micro SD or perforation technique at the beginning so without micro SD or perforation that cross bite on the anterior t we take a little bit more so you have when you’re looking at tooth number ten it’s involved in a cross bite.