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Dental insurance illinois

  • Dental insurance illinois part of your routine  do it every day and Dental insurance illinois .
  • Jan Heil answering your  questions about your pets thank you and there have been a lot of comments on  this channel .
  • About how yellow my teeth are now being an English person maybe the stereotype rings true that I don’t  really look after.

My teeth that well but today we’re gonna do something.

  • about that if you’ve seen our Botox video you’ll remember Tony.
  • Now Tony knows a  lot of plastic surgery planes and also a lot of dental clinics today we’re at the Oaks dental playing in .
Dental insurance illinois
Dental insurance illinois
  • Cannon and we’re gonna do some teeth whitening procedures  so Tony what can I do about my yellow teeth well first you.
  • Don’t have to worry too much because nobody’s actually born with perfectly like teeth so people are actually born with.
  • The a shade of tooth  color they’re not actually born with this pearly super white color this is the artificial color so when.

You see a baby born they’re born with this a or a shader .

  • so these other shades I’m assuming like smokers heavy coffee.
  • Drinkers you know that’s they’re gonna be able to have that kind of shade right yeah what happens is as we age your teeth.
  • get darker naturally especially if you drink a lot of soda and if you smoke if you drink coffee if you’re damaging  your teeth.
  • They basically become these darker colors so what color my keys right now let me see can you smile for me it seems that.

Your teeth are about the a shade so be this shade here smell.

  • From the a to probably  the a shade which is this one here smile again and this is the color that you were born with most.
  • Likely so celebrities normally have this kind of really really white color like this is a drastic change from why I’m now and the.
  • Natural color is it safe to do this kind of thing well actually most celebrities  don’t whiten their teeth to get it up to this level.
  • What they do is they get in veneers which are thin artificial colors that go on top of the teeth so they actually look they